Zero is the New Black

Yesterday, December 1st, 2013, was World AIDS Day. All around the world people were raising awareness, battling stigmas, and fighting for Zero. This ‘Zero’ I am talking about is the UNAIDS’ strategy for 2015. Made public in 2011, the strategy aims to have zero new infections, discrimination, and AIDS-related deaths. Taken from, these are the goals by 2015:

■Sexual transmission of HIV reduced by half, including among young people, men who have sex with men and transmission in the context of sex work
■Vertical transmission of HIV eliminated, and AIDS-related maternal mortality reduced by half
■All new HIV infections prevented among people who use drugs
■Universal access to antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV who are eligible for treatment
■TB deaths among people living with HIV reduced by half
■People living with HIV and households affected by HIV are addressed in all national social protection strategies and have access to essential care and support
■Countries with punitive laws and practices around HIV transmission, sex work, drug use or homosexuality that block effective responses reduced by half
■HIV-related restrictions on entry, stay and residence eliminated in half of the countries that have such restrictions
■HIV-specific needs of women and girls are addressed in at least half of all national HIV responses
■Zero tolerance for gender-based violence

Find more information and the strategy handbook on

As a member of the SWATeam, I strongly advocate getting tested and using our campus’s resources. Knowing your status before starting a sexual relationship with a new partner is extremely important not only for your own health, but your partner’s, too. I would like to extend the Zero Challenge to the Eau Claire campus. Although we may not have all the resources outlined on the website, I believe our campus can get to zero new cases, zero intolerance, and zero discrimination. I’m ready to do my part. Are you?