Stress Management Tips from SWAT

It’s that time a year again, Blugolds. Finals are upon us. Whether you have big projects, cumulative exams, unit tests, or a combination of them all, twice a year this week can mean a lot of stress. SWAT wants you to have smooth sailing through exams and hope you do well on all of your end of the semester endeavors. In order to do that, here are some ways to keep that stress under control.
1. Get some fresh air! All that time staring at a textbook in the library can make a person tense. A study in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research found that getting your heart rate going in the great outdoors can lead to lower blood pressure, improved self-esteem, and a better mood. Take a brisk walk around campus; it looks so pretty this time of year! If time is of the essence, go outside and take some deep breaths during a quick study break.
2. Prioritize and make a To Do list. Figure out what all you need to get done this week, and then separate it out. What’s important? What’s urgent? Yes, you should wrap your mom’s present, but it can wait until after you Chemistry exam. Your paper is due at midnight, and your next text isn’t for another two days. Just writing down what needs to be accomplished well help clear your head. Now take a deep breath and get it done!
3. Massage those aching muscles! Massages are available through Rec Sports for a very low price! Appointments can be made my calling 715-836-3377. Find out more information by visiting Looking for a free solution? Take a study break with your friends and give each other shoulder massages. Rolling your feet over a frozen water bottle or rolling aching muscles over a tennis ball or foam roller is a great way to relax if you’re alone.
4. Random acts of kindness have been proven to help relieve stress. You know the person behind you in Caribou needs caffeine just as much as you do, maybe pay for his coffee? A free alternative is holding the door open with a smile and a, “Good luck on finals!” It’s nice to see someone’s face light up when you pay her a compliment, like how much you love her scarf.

One for me and one for you!

One for me and one for you!

5. Get your groove on! Music is a powerful tool. Smooth jazz or nature sounds can help you relax, while upbeat tunes can be energized. Taking a study break and dancing to your favorite songs can help you get through those long hours of studying. Listening to guided meditation can also be an effective use of your headphones. YouTube and Podcasts are excellent aids to help you focus on your breathing and picture yourself in a relaxing place. Maybe a beach or sleeping in over break?
Finally, be sure to get plenty of sleep! It is more beneficial to get a good night sleep than pull an all-nighter cramming. The Society of Neuroscience reported that during sleep are brains release chemicals essential for memory, so get some shuteye!
From all of us here at SWAT, good luck with the end of your semester, have a great break, and we’ll see you next year!


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