Day 10 – Food Log

We eat so much in a day and eat a large variety of foods. For the last day of the sugar free challenge, I’ll share with you everything I ate for the day to hopefully give you ideas for healthy snacks and meals.

Breakfast: I woke up at 7:20, had an apple with peanut butter before swim practice. After practice, I had to rush to class, so I had a handful of almonds to keep the tummy-grumbles away during lecture.

Lunch: I had a grilled cheese sandwich and cottage cheese with broccoli and cucumbers.

Snack: Before going to lift weights, I had a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and bananas. After lifting I had another apple with peanut butter (I told you I love peanut butter!).


Dinner: I found this excellent recipe for bacon-wrapped pesto chicken on my new favorite website, Yummly. The other great thing about this website is you can change the serving size, so it tells you how to make just enough for you!

Dessert: I had a waffle sandwich. I took two, toasted whole wheat waffles and spread them with plain cream cheese and squished strawberries in the middle. I put it on the stove for a few minutes so the inside was warm.

Spending the whole day eating sugar free is not that hard when you plan ahead. I made sure to eat something after swim practice and before class so I’d be able to focus on lecture. Knowing I would be hungry after weight lifting and planning ahead made it easier to avoid being starving and craving sugary snacks. Also, looking forward to a bacon-wrapped dinner made it easier to resist sugary snacks that would ruin my appetite.


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