Sex Positivity Week

Sex is a very relevant topic to college students. We are bombarded by messages about sexuality from advertisements, pornography, even just interacting with our peers. Carol Queen, the founding director of the Center for Sex and Culture, defines sex positivity as the cultural understanding of sex as a potentially positive force in one’s life, however; sex negativity also exists. It can cause sex to be seen as disruptive, problematic, and dangerous. Sex positivity calls for a celebration in sexual diversity, differing desires, various relationship structures, and individual preferences.

Basically, UW-Eau Claire, we need to be more open about what goes on in the bedroom. Next week, April 13-17, SWAT is putting on Sex Positivity Week. We’re hosting a variety of events all about promoting safe, healthy, and good sex!

70% of college freshman and 81% of upper classmen have had sex at least once (Mosher, Chandra, & Jones 2005)

A common misconception about sex is that everybody is doing it, but actually it’s totally normal to choose not be sexually active. Stop by our table in Davies on Monday from 11am-1pm to find out about other common sexual myths. We’ll have information on a variety of different sex topics we’d love to share with you. Stop by and learn something!

20-25% of women will be sexually assaulted during their college career. (US Department of Justice)

Rape and sexual assault are unfortunately a part of a negative sex culture. Consent is imperative at the start of each and every sexual encounter, so start out Sex Positivity Week by learning about consent! The presentation will be on Monday from 5-6pm. RSVP to the event here

Only one out of every four acts of vaginal intercourse include the use of a condom (NSSHB, 2010)

Condoms are the only way to prevent the spread of STIs during vaginal and anal intercourse. Swing by the Cabin on Tuesday from 3-6pm for a Sex Carnival! We’ll have plenty of condoms and games including Sex Bingo and 80s Sexploration. RSVP to the event here

1 in 2 sexually active young people will get an STI by the age of 25. Most won’t know it. (Center of Disease Control)

Knowing your status in regards to sexually transmitting infections is important in regards to have healthy and good sex. Did you know you get one free STI test from SHS during the academic year? Find out more about the resources available to you at our table in Davies on Wednesday from 11am-1pm!

The most powerful sex organ is the brain (Science Daily)

Test your sexual knowledge at Sex Trivia- you’ll already know the answer to one of the questions! Come to The Lookout on Wednesday at 6pm. RSVP to the event here

The two most effective and reversible forms of contraception are the IUD and the Implant, both 99% effective (Method Match)

Learn about the different options available to help prevent pregnancy and take a picture to prompt safe sex. We’ll be handing out free stuff at Davies from 11am-1pm on Thursday!

58% of college students report being very satisfied with their sex lives (Discovery News)

End the week by telling us what you find positive about sex! We’ll be in the campus mall from 11am-1pm to hear what you have to say.

Sex Positivity Week (2)

Let’s make UWEC a sexually positive community, Blugolds. We’ll see you next week!


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