SWAT Programs

Welcome back students! On behalf of Student Health Services, I want to wish you a great, healthy semester! Along with providing a wonderful clinic and staff to promote student and faculty wellness, SHS also supports the Student Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT). This year, SWAT combined with the Center for Alcohol Studies and Education (CASE) to provide even more vital health information to UWEC. SWAT/CASE is made up of nine peer health educators, and one of their biggest tasks on campus is putting on wellness events. Some of the programs you can request include:



Nutrition 101- provides information on things like reading a nutrition label and making healthy choices at the caf or Davies. Along with basic nutrition information, this program offers interactive exercises to guarantee a fun, interesting, and easy event!

Awesome Bedsider prizes often seen at Sexual Health programs!

Awesome Bedsider prizes often seen at Sexual Health programs!

Sexual Health

Love Wagon- a literal wagon equipped with condoms, dental dams, safer sex information, and peer health educators can be used to inform anybody on safer sex.

Consent- this workshop talks about the importance of consent, what it is, and when it does and doesn’t exist. It is an excellent presentation to combat rape culture at UWEC, and ultimately make a safer campus for everyone.

Sex Bingo- this game comes with condoms, prizes, and a wealth of great information! Along with trying to get five in a row, participants answer questions about STIs, contraception, and other sex-related topics.

Sex Jeopardy- another great, interactive way to learn about safer sex. The categories include sexuality, STIs, condoms, and contraceptives.

Healthy Relationships- a great program and another very important topic, this event will talk about aspects of a healthy relationship.


Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes!– this program focuses on how to effectively make healthy lifestyle changes. How many times have you tried to eat better, exercise more, or reduce stress and end up back with bad habits? Using the “Stages of Change” model, we’ll share strategies on how to build healthy habits!

Balanced Life– a great program for college students, Balanced Life talks about avoiding burnout and keeping life as stress free as possible.

Women’s Health

Women’s Health- this program can be tailored to talk about any aspect of women’s health including body image, healthy relationships, annual health exams, birth control, or anything else you’d like!

Mental Health

Mental Health- this program touches on the importance of being mentally well. We will talk about recognizing signs of mental illness in yourself and your friends. We also provide information on how to get someone help and get yourself help.

Suicide Prevention- A presentation put on by Suicide Prevention and Research Collaborate (SPARC) peer health educators, this program talks about the significance and suicide and how to help peers who are having suicidal thoughts. To request this program contact Dr. Muehlenkamp (muehlejj@uwec.edu) or Dr. Quinn-Lee (quinnllm@uwec.edu)



This year, SWAT has joined forces with the Center for Alcohol Studies and Education. CASE does a wide variety of programs. Two of the more popular games are Alcohol Jeopardy and Fact or Crap. To request any kind of alcohol presentation, game, or program visit the program request page.

To request any of our other presentations, or find out more, visit http://www.uwec.edu/SHS/SWAT/programs.htm. If there is another health topic you’d like a presentation on, contact Katie Wilson at wilsonk@uwec.edu.