Hello Sunday Morning

This year, SWAT began working with an organization called Hello Sunday Morning. The object of the movement is to change drinking behaviors in order to drink safer, and ultimately rid our Sunday mornings of the dreaded hangover. Imagine how much more you can get out of your weekend if you didn’t wake up hungover?!

Register early by going to UWEC Rec Sport's website!

Register early by going to UWEC Rec Sport’s website!

In working alongside UWEC and SWAT, Hello Sunday Morning will hold events on campus to promote making the most out of enjoying Sunday mornings. This Sunday, November 15, there will be free yoga and prizes in Zorn Arena from 10-11am.

By creating an account on Hello Sunday Morning’s website, you can set goals to change your drinking behavior. My current goal is to no longer suffer from hangovers. Other, maybe more manageable goals, are waiting 15 minutes before you start drinking, get a friend to join you in cutting back, go to the gym twice a week, or just have one day without alcohol. Whether your goal is to completely stop drinking or to drink in moderation, Hello Sunday Morning can help by creating a community where those decisions are supported. The website offers blog posts with advice and resources, recipes for non-alcoholic drinks, and ideas for sober nights of fun.

Hello Sunday Morning also has an app available in the Apple App Store. The app allows you to do mini-challenges, my current one is having an alcohol free Friday night, and checks in with you every four days on how you feel about your drinking behavior. Stop by the SWAT booth on Sunday morning, show us you have the app, and we’ll give you a free t-shirt!! (We have some ideas if you don’t have an iphone too)

Who doesn't want one of these bad boys?

Who doesn’t want one of these bad boys?

Being a college student in Wisconsin, there is often a misconception that everybody is drinking, and getting drunk. Eau Claire is tied with La Crosse with the most bars in the smallest amount of space (looking at you Water Street). When you walk around on a Friday or Saturday night, sometimes even a Wednesday or Thursday, it’s easy to get the perception that drinking is something everybody is doing. In reality, there are plenty of people not drinking, or drinking in moderation. They are just harder to see. What do you say Blugolds? Let’s create a community where we drink safely. Take a peek at the previous blog post for some ideas. I’m happy to join you on your journey! Find me on Hello Sunday Morning by searching alliewh or by following SHS on twitter @uwecshs. See you Sunday!!


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