Finals Stress Relief

Hello, Blugolds! Happy finals week! While it may be a pretty stressful time of the year, the peer health educators at SWAT and CASE know you can get through it! We will be in the library on Monday and Tuesday from 6-9pm providing our semi-annual relaxation station! We’ll have coloring pages, aromatherapy, stress balls, healthy snacks, and massages! We wish we could be there for your stress-relief needs, but unfortunately peer health educators have to take finals too. We can, however, offer you some times to get you through the next seven days until break!


  1. SLEEP! – It may seem like a good idea to pull an all-nighter cramming for that exam, but getting even a little shuteye is a much better use of your time. Countless research studies (I’d site them, but what is this, my final psych paper?) have shown sleep is one of the best ways to commit information to memory. Even if you can’t put in a full nights sleep, a 45-60 minute power nap before your exam can really help the material stick.
  2. Take breaks – Along with not cramming right through bedtime, walking away from that paper or those flashcards can be really helpful. There are lots of tips about how often and how long you should break for, but just taking a step back when words start to blur together, you start getting distracted, or feel overwhelmed can help.


  1. Eliminate Distractions- After talking about the importance of taking breaks, make sure when you are studying, you’re making the most of it! I love the app SelfControl on my computer, which keeps me from opening certain websites (looking at you Facebook and Netflix) for a certain amount of time. For your phone, the app Forest keeps you from unlocking your phone. The longer you go without touching your phone the bigger and more trees will grow.
  2. Get moving – being stuck sitting at a desk everyday for a week will make anybody stressed. Turn on some loud music (Summer Hits of the 2000s on Pandora is a personal favorite of ours here at SWAT/CASE) and dance for a couple songs. Go outside and take a walk around the block. Get your heart rate up and exercise for 30-minutes. Did you know they have cardio equipment on the 2nd floor of the library?!


  1. Get help – There are so many people on campus who want to see you succeed. The Academic Skills Center is located in Centennial 2104 and is open from 8am-4:30pm Monday through Friday. Their website is also full of helpful test taking strategies For more specific help, don’t hesitate to email your professor or one of your classmates if there is something you don’t understand when you’re studying. The Center for Writing Excellence is another great resource for help with your papers. Their official office is closed during finals, but you can set up an appointment on their website! Finally, use your friends! Have a friend who does not have any backround knowledge on your paper read it through and make sure it makes sense. Teach your friends what you have to know for your exams. Being able to teach the material is a sign you know it and saying it out loud is another way to commit it to memory!

Good luck this week Blugolds, you’re going to do great!


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