Managing Mental Health

It is not uncommon to feel a little down this time of year. It’s cold, most people are not spending as much time outside, and by the fifth time of unburying your car, snow seems significantly less magical.


While being sad doesn’t necessarily mean you’re depressed and being anxious doesn’t necessarily mean you have anxiety, if the way you’re feeling is affecting your ability to go about your everyday tasks it might be time to seek some help. Counseling Services are free to all UWEC students. You can schedule an appointment by calling their office at 715-836-5521 or stopping by in Old Library 2122. Counseling Services also offers a really neat thing called Let’s Talk, where you can drop in and visit a counselor from 1:00-3:00pm on Thursdays in McIntyre Library Room 3017. Student Health Services is another excellent resource available on campus. In fact, anxiety and depression are the top two diagnoses made in SHS appointments. Student Health Services is located on the top of the hill by the dorms in Crest Wellness Center, and appointments can be made by calling 715-836-5360 or by visiting their website.

If you’re worried at all about your friends feeling down, encourage them to speak to someone. It’s free! There is nothing wrong with getting help with mental or emotional health, whether you or somebody else needs it. It’s no different than getting antibiotics to help fight an infection or getting tutoring to help pass a class. Be cautious of the language you use that may contribute to the stigma of going to counseling.


Somedays, you might just feel a little down, and that’s okay too. Be sure to take care of yourself, treat yo self, so you can stay mentally and emotionally well. SWAT has created a sun spot in McIntyre’s atrium, by the vending machines, to encourage you to get a little vitamin C! Head outside for some fresh when you have the chance. It’s supposed to be 40 degrees this weekend, which is almost swim suit weather in February! Even when it is cold and dreary, be sure to get some exersize and get your heart rate up every once in awhile. College is the only time you can get a gym membership so ridiculously cheap ($45 for the whole semester), and you can go to open swim or run on the indoor track for free! Plan things for you to look forward to, whether that’s hanging out with your friends or having a relaxing night in with Netflix. Finally, set aside a little time each day to do something that brings you joy. Stay well, Blugolds!