Things that Fit in Condoms

We hear a lot of talk in the SWAT office about reasons why someone may choose not to wear a condoms. One of the biggest reasons we hear is that “it’s too big.” Well, we decided to do a little Myth Busting. If these things can fit into condoms, a penis sure can too.


10 Sticks of Chapstick


A Huge Bottle of Hand Sanitizer


A T-Shirt


A Camelback Water Bottle (The Big Size)


Two Hands


Our Office Phone



Obviously, if these sorts of things can fit in a condom without ripping, size should not be an issue. When condoms vary in size, it’s usually in the circumference in the rim. Excuses aside, condoms (female or male), dental dams, and abstinence are the only ways to prevent against STI’s. According to the CDC, as many as ONE IN TWO sexually active individuals under the age of 25 will have an STI, and most won’t even know it. Even if you and your partner are not concerned about pregnancy for whatever reason (You use another form of contraception, you’re in a same-sex partnership, etc.), if you don’t know the status of you and the person(s) you are having sex with you should be using some form of barrier every single time. 

Another important thing you may have noticed, if we have enough condoms in our office to put our feet and phones in them, we’ve got plenty to keep you safe! Stop by Schofield 26, have us host an event in your dorm, or keep checking on our Facebook to find out when you can get some for free! Stay safe, Blugolds!!


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