5 Tips for Fun and Safe Spring Break

Spring Break-With great freedom, Comes Great Responsibility

5 Tips for Fun and Safe Spring Break




Whether you are making a road trip of it, or flying, here are some ways to make sure it is an enjoyable trip. First off, make sure everyone has a valid driver’s license with them and the vehicle registration and proof of insurance for the car you are taking. Also make sure to have a roadmap, yes it’s old school, but what if your phone battery dies and you can no longer use the GPS.  Also, it is crucial to rotate who is behind the wheel. By rotating drivers you are not only insuring your safety, but also the safety of everyone in the vehicle. Also, whoever sits shotgun is not only in charge of the music but should also remain alert and awake to keep the driver company.  –With the best seat comes great responsibility!



2.)   HOTELS

As college students we are used to living on our own, here are some suggestions to make your stay more pleasurable. When making a reservation ask for a room above the 1st floor but below the 6th floor. First floor rooms have a lot of foot traffic and are easier to break into. Rooms above the 6th floor are sometimes too high for fire ladders to reach. Almost all hotels offer safes. Use them! Place valuables and extra cash in case of emergency; but try to avoid bringing anything too valuable all together. Only allow people you trust into your room and keep the doors locked at all times.




Before you go out decide your limits and plan the night. How much will you drink? Do I want to have sex tonight?- Do I have protection? How will I get home?- have money for a cab or an Uber. While out, always keep an eye on your drink, don’t trust anyone you just met to watch it. If you go the bathroom, take your drink with you! Date rape drugs can be put into any drink, including non-alcoholic drinks. It is also important to remember that while drugs being slipped into drinks is something you should be aware of, alcohol itself is the most common date rape drug. In a 2007 study by the National Institute of Health, it was reported that 89% of female undergrad sexual assault survivors reported drinking before their assault. No survivor is to blame for their assault, but the links between alcohol and victimization are staggering and cannot be ignored. Eat before you go out drinking and also know what you are drinking so you know how it will affect you; some types of alcohol have stronger and faster effects, i.e., one beer is not going to have the same impact as one Long Island Tea. A standard drink in terms of consumption is 12 ounces of beer, but only 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80 proof liquor. As always, with drinking comes great responsibility. *If you are under 21 the only legal option is not to drink.


Remember there are a ton of activities that you can do that do not require drinking! Research local attractions! Parasailing? Learning to surf? Or even a fun game a beach volleyball! Activities like these you will remember for a lifetime and don’t come with a nasty hangover!





If you are lucky enough to be laying on the beach this spring break, keep these tips in mind. Being exposed to the sun while drinking can equal a bad sunburn and an even worse hangover. Take it slow and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for the best experience.  Always apply sunscreen, even when it is cloudy! SPF 30+ is recommend and remember to re-apply often!  Never swim alone! Even the most experienced swimmers can’t handle a strong undercurrent. Drinking and hot tubs do not mix; Alcohol can dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. The effects of alcohol are felt sooner and stronger in a hot tub. It can lead to unconsciousness and drowning.



5.)   SEX

Just because in the movies everyone is hooking-up does not mean YOU need to in order to have a “successful” spring break. If you do choose to have a fling, keep some things in mind before heading out:

1.)   CONSENT- Consent is a clear YES. Not the absence of a no.

-Silence NEVER equals consent. No matter what a person verbalizes, consent can never be given when a person is severely intoxicated or impaired or at any point in the encounter after the person has said NO.

2.) Make sure it is protected.

–Anyone who plans on engaging in sex should have protection, being on birth control may avoid accidental pregnancies, but condoms are the best way to prevent against sexually transmitted infections. Always carry two in case one breaks.

Have a happy and safe spring break!

And Remember Blugolds-  With Great Freedom, Comes Great Responsibility!






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