Earth Day 2016



Earth Day 2016

By: Ashlea Orth


Hey Blugolds!

Earth Day 2016 is on Friday April 22nd and what better way to get involved than on our own campus! The environment you live in and your everyday surroundings can affect your overall health and well-being on various levels. There are things we can do in our lives to make healthy changes that help not only the environment, but ourselves too.


On campus, we have single-stream recycling which means you can put aluminum products, glass, paper, and plastics into any slot on the recycling bins. This makes recycling super easy because you don’t have to do any sorting! When recycling plastic materials, look on the container for the numbers 1-7 inside of a triangle, as these are the numbers that we can recycle here. Lids and caps can also be recycled, but please make sure that all containers are emptied of their previous contents before recycling. Things that cannot be recycled include aerosol cans (think hair spray or air freshener), ceramics (think coffee cup or a planter), dryer sheets, Keurig K-cups, light bulbs, mirrors, paper towels, tissues, Styrofoam, wax-coated juice or milk cartons, and most importantly pizza boxes. Corrugated cardboard can be taken to designated cardboard recycling stations throughout campus.


There are also designated recycling stations for bread bags, case wrap (think snack/beverage case plastic), grocery bags, plastic packing pillows, sandwich bags, and other stretchy #4 plastic, as well as stations to recycle batteries, CFL lightbulbs, and printer cartridges typically found throughout residence hall lobbies. Looking to get rid of broken or outdated appliances/electronics? Call the Housing Sustainability Office and they will properly recycle your items for you. Getting rid of recyclable clutter in your room or house can clean up physical space as well as help you relieve stress as you get organized. You also might feel a sense of giving back or helping your community as you go green.



Along with stations in Davies Center, the city of Eau Claire offers compost options for homes wanting to “recycle” their decomposable material. The compost container itself is made out of 100% recycled material. You can compost virtually any organic material, but there are tricks and tips for making the break down process faster ( Composting is a great solution to the growing (quite literally) landfill issues we face today, as well as give these organic materials straight back to Mother Nature typically by using them in gardens and agriculture.

Taking care of our environment is important for tons of reasons, but most importantly because this is the only home we have. Having a “go green” approach towards caring for the environment can in turn contribute to our physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional wellness.


Stay green, my friends!


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