Meet a New SWAT Member

Meet Ashlea!


Ashlea Orth

Ashlea is a junior from Farmington, Minnesota studying Women’s Studies with an LGBTQ certificate. Ashlea loves doing Condom Bingo with SWAT, and is currently learning the other programs we offer! Her favorite healthy snack is fruit parfaits and she loves going to group fitness classes on campus to exercise. If Ashlea were a crayon she would be Mountain Meadow, and an interesting fact about her is that she has traveled to 34 states!


What is S.W.A.T?

The Student Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT) is a group of peer health educators who educate the campus on health and wellness topics such as stress management, sexual health, nutrition, and more.  We are interactive, fun, and can tailor our materials to your group’s needs.  We also do health advocacy work on campus in an effort to make UW-Eau Claire’s campus a healthier place for learning and living.

How did you learn about the job opportunity?

I learned about working for SWAT from the online student job board. I applied last fall but it didn’t work well with my class schedule, so when I saw they had another position open for this spring I made sure to reapply.

 What made you want to be a part of the SWAT Team?

During the first few weeks of the school year this past fall I remember going to an event outside of Schofield that featured SWAT and what it was about. I remember looking at all of the information and thinking “This office is right up my alley!” I love all of the health aspects we focus on in our office and that really drew me in because I can see myself choosing a similar career path after I graduate in two years.

What does the SWAT team even do?

We do your typical Condom Bingo and Sex Trivia, but we also teach both of the alcohol classes, called CHOICES and PHD, and we do programs on nutrition, mental health, and just overall health in general. My favorite kinds of programs are sexual health programs!

 What are the hours like?

The hours are really great because it’s super flexible with my class schedule. If I know I’m going to have a heavy homework load one week, I just pass on teaching programs and let my coworkers take it if it works for them.

 What is the work environment like?

The work environment is kind of interesting because we give programs upon request. So some weeks you may have a lot of requests for the same program and other weeks it might be more spread out, and sometimes there are weeks that we barely have any requests! It really just depends on what programs are in popular demand, so it’s always a surprise when we come to our weekly staff meetings. (So if you are interested in a program we give, or are curious about what programs we offer, make sure to get in contact with the SWAT office and request!)

My coworkers are really awesome and I think we all work great together. Everyone is understanding of me being a newbie and learning the ropes, and they’re wonderful at giving pointers or helping me learn the programs.

 What is your favorite part about being a part of the SWAT Team?

My favorite part is being able to teach these programs to my peers. I think I’m able to connect with them more and engage them in the material better than a professor or an adult who isn’t currently a student because I’m coming from a place where I can relate to a lot of people in the room. We’re all on the same level and that makes it easy to connect with them, which makes the programs a lot more fun. I’m also a big fan of all of the content we cover in our various programs because it means I’m helping out my peers in whatever ways they need.


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