Meet a New SWAT Member


Kayla Kranzusch



Meet Kayla!

Kayla is a junior from Black Creek, Wisconsin studying Kinesiology and Gerontology. She is currently learning the ins-and-outs of SWAT. Her favorite healthy snack is fruit salad and she loves to play intramurals with her friends to stay active. If Kayla were a crayon she would be Jazzberry Jam, and an interesting fact about her is she used to be a powerlifter.

What is S.W.A.T?

The Student Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT) is a group of peer health educators who educate the campus on health and wellness topics such as stress management, sexual health, nutrition, and more.  We are interactive, fun, and can tailor our materials to your group’s needs.  We also do health advocacy work on campus in an effort to make UW-Eau Claire’s campus a healthier place for learning and living.

How did you learn about the job opportunity?

I learned about SWAT through my friend Gracia, who also works for the SWAT Team. I always thought her job sounded really cool. However, I did not know that they were hiring until I looked on the job board and it sounded like the perfect job for me.

What made you want to be apart if the SWAT Team?

I wanted to be a part of the SWAT Team because I have a passion for health promotion. It is also applicable to my future career because I want to work in Cardiac Rehabilitation and that focuses on proper nutrition, increased exercise, and cessation of smoking. All of these topics are included in activities that we do at SWAT through presentations, programs, or campaigns on campus.

What does the SWAT team even do?

The SWAT Team is probably best known for putting on condom bingo in the dorms and teaching alcohol education classes to those found in violation of the judicial code. The SWAT team also does much more such as nutrition, balanced life, and sexual health presentations. We also do Hello Sunday Morning events, Step-Up, and are campaigning for a smoke free campus.

What are the hours like?

The hours are perfect for a college student because you have two office hours a week and an hour long meeting that all are planned around your class schedule. You also have the ability to pick up more hours as it works for you to teach presentations or facilitate an alcohol education class.

What is the work environment like?

The work environment at SWAT is great. The supervisors and other student educators are very inclusive and easy to talk to. Everyone is very supportive and willing to help you with anything.

What is your favorite part about being a part of the SWAT Team?

My favorite part of working for the SWAT team are the people I work with and the fact that I know I am making a difference to make our campus healthier.




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