It’s Finals Week Again!

Finals are just around the corner and it’s always a stressful time of the year. Many students talk about pulling all nighters, running only on coffee, and cramming for exams. These are all habits that we should try to avoid if we want to do well on our finals and maintain our health. Here are some great tips on how you can crush finals week!


  1. Create a plan for each day and stick to it, it’s always satisfying to make a check list and to cross things off when you’ve completed it
  2. For cumulative exams break the content into sections and just focus on one section at a time rather than all of the content-This can get way too overwhelming!
  3. Go back and review your old exams, notice what you got wrong and identify why you got it wrong, also identify questions that you think would reappear on the cumulative final- if your professor does not let you hold onto your exams many will let you look at your exams in their office.
  4. Instead of cramming for an exam the day of or the night before try to set aside as certain amount of time each day for several days before the exam to study for it. This will make the content stick in your mind more and will promote learning instead of regurgitation.


    don’t be that guy

  5. Another important key to studying for finals is finding a place that works best for you. The library may become overrun with other students and may no longer be an optimal place to study. Some suggestions I have are going to Racy’s on Water Street, The Cabin in Davies or the Acoustic Café downtown.
  6. Try to avoid overconsuming caffeine, particularly later in the day because it will prevent you from being able to sleep at night


    don’t be this guy either

  7. Make sure to get sleep! Many students opt to study for a few extra hours instead of getting some ZZZZ’s. This is a mistake because if you are tired your brain will not be able to focus nearly as well compared to being well rested.
  8. Maintain your normal eating patterns throughout the week. It’s a lot easier to start eating junk food from vending machines in the library or ordering a pizza. However, your body will thank you if you eat healthy foods that you normally eat. Some suggestions for snacks are trail mix, dark chocolate, fruits and vegetables, or pita chips and hummus.


    Chipotle binges may not be the secret to finals success…

  9. Don’t forget to reward yourself! If you need a break scroll through Facebook, take a walk, or hang out with your friends for a little while. Maybe make plans with your friends to go out to dinner to celebrate after completing a really hard exam.
  10. Have a positive attitude! You know the content you’ve been preparing all semester for these exams! It’s time to show off just how much you’ve actually learned this semester, you may surprise yourself when you sit down to study with how much you already know

From Michael Jordan and all of us at SWAT, crush those finals and congrats to all those graduating!

Overall find a system that works for you and stick with it. Make your health a priority as well as your grades during the upcoming week. I hope these tips are helpful for you and good luck on your finals!


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