Tips for a Happy Halloween




Tips for a Happy Halloween

-Brought to you by SWAT


Culture isn’t a Costume

Avoid Cultural Appropriation-  by definition, cultural appropriation is when members of a dominant culture borrow from the cultures of minority groups. Typically, those doing the “borrowing,” or exploiting, lack a contextual understanding of what makes the cultural symbols, art forms and modes of expression significant.  This definition and more information can be found at :

Sure, dressing up like “Pocahontas” might be seem like a good idea at first, but you may not realize the offense to Native American culture that your costume creates.

So, before buying that cool “ethnic” or “unique” piece, ask yourself these questions:

  • What culture does this style reference, and what is my relation to that culture?
  • Why am I wearing it?
  • How accurate/respectful is it to the source?

If you don’t completely understand the culture and the significance, don’t wear the costume.



Examples of Cultural Appropriation


Plan Ahead

Before you go out decide your limits and plan the night. How much will you drink? Do I want to have sex tonight?- Do I have protection? How will I get home?- have money for a cab or an Uber. It’s also a good idea to have cab company numbers in your phone!



Plan ahead! You will be glad you did!


As always, here in the SWAT office, we promote low-risk drinking and safe, consensual sex. We recommend alternating drinking alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, it keeps a buzz and is easier on the liver! Remember that consent is a clear YES, not the abstinence of a no. *If you are under 21 the only legal option is not to drink.

But you do not need to drink to have fun!   There are plenty of fun alternatives on Halloween, if you are in the dorms, you can pass out candy to young trick-or- treaters or stay in with friends and have a Halloween movie marathon!




Dress Weather Appropriate

Mother Nature always surprises us on Halloween, check the weather ahead of time! Bring a jacket, or incorporate warmer clothes into your costume. Walking around or walking home freezing is never fun, and has many risks!  When drinking, you may feel warm, but your body can still be affected by the cold and you are at a greater risk for hypothermia. Be smart and don’t rely on your “liquor blanket” to keep you warm, do your body a favor and take a jacket!


Have a Happy {AND} Safe Halloween Blugolds!cute-halloween-ghost-clip-art-treat-clipart-halloween3