Post-Election Self Care

Post Election-Self Care

By: Ashlea Orthe

Now that the election is finally over, we can breathe a *slight* sigh of relief at the fact there is no more uncertainty as to who will be our next president. That being said, we will continue to hear about this election and its ramifications for days, months, and years to come. Now is the time to fully take care of ourselves post-election. I’m here to offer some tips to help you wind down from the constant political bombardment that we’ve all been experiencing for months. So sit back, relax, and take care of yourself.


Unplug: Turn off social media notifications, or better yet, turn off your phone for a few hours! This was something I personally did last week when I had reached my breaking point while seeing so many political posts. After shutting off my phone and leaving it in my room, I managed to go about 12 hours without using my cell phone. And let me tell you- my life was SO PEACEFUL. If you can manage without your phone for a few hours, ditch it. If you need it for various work/school interactions, you can go into your phone’s settings and shut off incoming notifications from social media sites. Plus, you’ll be more productive throughout the day!


Sleep: So many campaign ads, so little time. Various anxieties surrounding this election can wear people out, big time- so make sure you’re allowing yourself enough sleep at night. Some people can survive on 6 hours of sleep, the average person needs 8. But if you’re like me, a solid 10 hours does the trick. Not getting enough sleep can really wear down your body and create more stress. If you’re a napper like I am, make sure you’re power napping for only about 20 minutes. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the political world once again.


Talk: Some people say that talking about the election and/or its results only makes them feel worse emotionally and mentally, but for others talking to like-minded people can be cathartic. Find a group of friends that hold similar beliefs and feelings about the election as you do, and talk it out together in a safe and open environment.


Cry: I’m a crier- I cry easily, and I cry hard. Crying is a stress-releasing emotional response that comes naturally in every human being to varying degrees. If you feel like crying, just let it all out. Afterwards, you might actually feel yourself feeling better and less stressed about the election.



Take time for yourself: It’s okay to be selfish. And it’s definitely okay to say “no”. Take time to process the results instead of allowing your emotions take over and possibly make some decisions you wouldn’t have made had you had a clear head to think with. If you need some time to be alone, make time throughout your day to allow yourself to relax in whatever way works best for you.


Among a multitude of various other stress-relieving activities, make sure you are checking in with yourself mentally and emotionally. Be kind to yourself, so that in turn you can be kind to others.

Keep your chin up, Blugolds- and take care.