Finals Week

Finals Week Survival Guide

By:Jen Conroy


It’s that time of year again… First comes finals, but then comes break! Stressed? Don’t be. Make this year’s finals a week of hard work and motivation for your fellow Blugolds. We’ve got you covered on how to have a smooth finals week . Check out these tips for your finals week survival guide.


Make a schedule

It sounds simple but we often forget to pencil in some important stuff, like sleep. Plan out each day ahead of time: what you’re going to study and for how long; including time blocks for breaks, food and sleepav

Find a place to study

This can be important is you’re prone to distractions. Stay away from the “talkative table” and search for a place that you will function the best in. The library is always crammed during finals, so getting there early and claiming a spot is wise. What if the library isn’t your thing? That’s okay, a coffee shop (Cabin, Goat), your desk, or maybe even a friend’s house to meet up for a study group, are fine. Just make sure you pick a place where you will study best.

Hit the ground running

It’s easy to put off things we know we won’t enjoy but getting started right away makes for a productive day. Try to keep the distractions to a minimum. Block out social media during study sessions and save it for a break. There are even apps that can block social media for a certain time (SelfControl, Freedom, Concentrate, LeechBlock).


Get sleep!!!

This may seem repetitive but sleep really is important, your mom wasn’t lying. Sleep helps the brain function and lack of sleep can set off release of stress hormones and make your body feel overwhelmed or worn down.

Do something you love

Take a break. Look at twitter, watch a short Netflix show, get a massage, color, or go see the adorable dogs in the library. Things won’t seem as stressful when you put aside time for yourself, to do something you enjoy.


Bring snacks to keep you energized through those grueling hours of studying. Don’t bring bags of chips and soda, but foods that will keep you awake and feeling good, instead of bloated and tired. Check out some ideas below of what to bring on your study date.


o   Chocolate-has caffeine, keeps the mind sane, and it’s delicious!

o   Popcorn-easy to pack and make any time you’re feeling hangry

o   Trail mix-anything with nuts can give you protein and help keep you energize

o   Peanut butter-great for dipping and an excellent source of protein

o   Chocolate covered espresso beans: caffeine + chocolate = genius?

o   Fruit-bananas, oranges, or cuties are great because they come packaged and all you have to do is peel

o   Caffeine of your choice-just don’t drink too much

o   Sweet of your choice-give yourself something to look forward to

o   Gum-peppermint has shown to have positive effects on memory performance (chew respectfully)

o   PB & J-classic and easy!


Other things to bring:

o   Blanket

o   Comfy sweatshirt

o   Headphones

o   Chargers

o   Chapstick

o   Lotion

o   Water bottle

o   Tissues

o  Note cards

o   Sticky notes

o   Extra pens/pencils

o   Highlighters

o   Hair tie

o   Ear plugs

o   Stress ball

o   Ibuprofen

o   Printer paper


Things to keep in mind…

You can’t do everything, work hard and don’t give up. After finals comes winter break!


Check out the relaxation station in the library! Brought to you by SWAT! December 15th, 18th, and 19th  from 6pm-9pm each day! There will be lotions with essential oils, coloring, fresh fruit, AND  FREE massages by licensed masseuses, AND you can make your own stress ball.


There will be therapy dogs on first floor of the library the following times and dates:

Dec 16th: 10-11am

Dec 18th: 4-6pm

Dec 19th: 12-1pm

Dec 20th: 10-11am, 2-4pm

Dec 21st: 2-3pm

Dec 22nd: 10-11:30am


Happy finals week Blugolds and good luck!



Presents on a College Budget


Stressing over finding the perfect gift, but low on cash?


 We all know the feeling of wanting to give someone the word all wrapped up in a cute little box, but in reality all that we can afford is a $10 candle.


Here are some ideas and tips to reduce the stress and cost of gift giving.


 As we all know, Pinterest is a college kids best friend. You can find so many creative, cute, and cost effective ideas.  Just search “DIY Christmas” or just simply “creative gifts.” You will find so many options that are sure to fit the person you have in mind!



One that I found that I am definitely going to try is this Peppermint Sugar Scrub!  All the ingredients are simple and definitely in my college kid budget, plus you can make several of them at once! Knocking out a bunch of people on your list with one idea!

See the Link for the recipe!



Another creative idea for a friend or family member would be tickets to an event or production at your university!  cheap-tickets


Get the tickets ahead of time and throw in dinner beforehand! You give them a thoughtful gift and get to spend quality time with them!  The gift of our time is often something that we forget about, everyone is busy, so giving your time is a special thing.


For UWEC students check out for other college students check out your university’s events page!




For a simple and quick gift, buy or create a cute picture frame and put a picture of you with them in the frame. To add a creative touch, if you buy a frame, you could write an inspiring quote on it, or write how much you appreciate them! Ribbon and fun appliques go along way!  Pictures can be transformed into beautiful décor, Pinterest it!

Gift giving isn’t supposed to be stressful Blugolds, remember, it really is the thought that counts!

Happy Holidays! Have a happy and safe winter break!




Find the Lube Right for YOU!


Find the Lube That’s Right for YOU!

By: Jen Conroy

There is no shame in using lube! There is a stigma of why someone may use lube but the fact is many people need or could benefit from using it. Its use is not solely for anal sex, which some may think, but can significantly reduce discomfort related to vaginal intercourse and it makes the act of sex more enjoyable for the individuals involved.


Why use lube?

o   Decrease friction, therefore decreasing condom failure

o   Increase in pleasure and comfort

o   Get the satisfaction you want while preventing skin abrasion and dryness


What kind of lube is right for you?glp

Everyone’s body is different, we all have different behaviors, body pH, and different moisture needs. There are tons and tons of different kinds but we are here to lay it all out for you. The two most common, and most recommended, are water based and silicone lubricants. Lubricant pH should be between 4.4 and 5.5. The normal vaginal pH is 3.8 to 4.5, bacterial infections usually make a pH of 4.5 or higher.



Water Based

 Water based lubricants are great because they can work with the body’s natural lubricant and absorb into the skin; this also means you may need to apply more. They are easy to clean up and won’t stain your sheets. Water based lubes are recommended the most.


Silicone Based

 Silicone based lubricants need to be reapplied less often and last longer. They should NOT be used with silicone-based toys because they can break down the surface. However, silicone based lubes are okay to use with condoms. They are good with water play because they won’t wash away in contact with water.


kjbpThings to avoid:

 o   Oil-based. DO NOT use oil based lubes with your condoms-they will cause a tear, increasing your risk of pregnancy and STI’s. They are not recommended for sex toys because it can cause deterioration. Oil based lubricants linger longer on the skin and cause the pH of the vagina to alter, creating an environment susceptible to yeast infections. They are not recommended for vaginal use.

o   A lube with a pH less than 4 or greater than 7.5.

o   Polyquaternium 7, 10 or 15

o   Non-oxynol 9

o   Menthol

o   Lidocaine

o   Capsaicin

o   Chlorhexidine


Last Minute Tips

o   Amount: quarter size for water-based and a few drops for silicone-based.

o   Where? Rub around vulva, vaginal opening, or anus. Can be used for solo or partner play!

o   Check the expiration date: most lubes are good for 6 months to a year.

o   Store in cool places, avoiding excessive heat and sunlight.

o   Temperature: try placing your lube bottle in a warm bowl of water before use.

o   Flavored lubes can be great for oral sex but they aren’t recommended for vaginal use.

o   Choose which lube is right for you: everyone has different bodies and preferences, test out different kinds and find one that works for you.



Now that you know the basics, go share your knowledge, learn and love!



Student Health offers variety 3 pack lubricants for $1 or a tube for $5.

A Woman’s Touch is a sexuality resource center located in Madison, Wisconsin; it has additional information on lubricants and much more.

Their lubricant pamphlet and website is located below.


A Woman’s Touch web:



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