Presents on a College Budget


Stressing over finding the perfect gift, but low on cash?


 We all know the feeling of wanting to give someone the word all wrapped up in a cute little box, but in reality all that we can afford is a $10 candle.


Here are some ideas and tips to reduce the stress and cost of gift giving.


 As we all know, Pinterest is a college kids best friend. You can find so many creative, cute, and cost effective ideas.  Just search “DIY Christmas” or just simply “creative gifts.” You will find so many options that are sure to fit the person you have in mind!



One that I found that I am definitely going to try is this Peppermint Sugar Scrub!  All the ingredients are simple and definitely in my college kid budget, plus you can make several of them at once! Knocking out a bunch of people on your list with one idea!

See the Link for the recipe!



Another creative idea for a friend or family member would be tickets to an event or production at your university!  cheap-tickets


Get the tickets ahead of time and throw in dinner beforehand! You give them a thoughtful gift and get to spend quality time with them!  The gift of our time is often something that we forget about, everyone is busy, so giving your time is a special thing.


For UWEC students check out for other college students check out your university’s events page!




For a simple and quick gift, buy or create a cute picture frame and put a picture of you with them in the frame. To add a creative touch, if you buy a frame, you could write an inspiring quote on it, or write how much you appreciate them! Ribbon and fun appliques go along way!  Pictures can be transformed into beautiful décor, Pinterest it!

Gift giving isn’t supposed to be stressful Blugolds, remember, it really is the thought that counts!

Happy Holidays! Have a happy and safe winter break!





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