Finals Week

Finals Week Survival Guide

By:Jen Conroy


It’s that time of year again… First comes finals, but then comes break! Stressed? Don’t be. Make this year’s finals a week of hard work and motivation for your fellow Blugolds. We’ve got you covered on how to have a smooth finals week . Check out these tips for your finals week survival guide.


Make a schedule

It sounds simple but we often forget to pencil in some important stuff, like sleep. Plan out each day ahead of time: what you’re going to study and for how long; including time blocks for breaks, food and sleepav

Find a place to study

This can be important is you’re prone to distractions. Stay away from the “talkative table” and search for a place that you will function the best in. The library is always crammed during finals, so getting there early and claiming a spot is wise. What if the library isn’t your thing? That’s okay, a coffee shop (Cabin, Goat), your desk, or maybe even a friend’s house to meet up for a study group, are fine. Just make sure you pick a place where you will study best.

Hit the ground running

It’s easy to put off things we know we won’t enjoy but getting started right away makes for a productive day. Try to keep the distractions to a minimum. Block out social media during study sessions and save it for a break. There are even apps that can block social media for a certain time (SelfControl, Freedom, Concentrate, LeechBlock).


Get sleep!!!

This may seem repetitive but sleep really is important, your mom wasn’t lying. Sleep helps the brain function and lack of sleep can set off release of stress hormones and make your body feel overwhelmed or worn down.

Do something you love

Take a break. Look at twitter, watch a short Netflix show, get a massage, color, or go see the adorable dogs in the library. Things won’t seem as stressful when you put aside time for yourself, to do something you enjoy.


Bring snacks to keep you energized through those grueling hours of studying. Don’t bring bags of chips and soda, but foods that will keep you awake and feeling good, instead of bloated and tired. Check out some ideas below of what to bring on your study date.


o   Chocolate-has caffeine, keeps the mind sane, and it’s delicious!

o   Popcorn-easy to pack and make any time you’re feeling hangry

o   Trail mix-anything with nuts can give you protein and help keep you energize

o   Peanut butter-great for dipping and an excellent source of protein

o   Chocolate covered espresso beans: caffeine + chocolate = genius?

o   Fruit-bananas, oranges, or cuties are great because they come packaged and all you have to do is peel

o   Caffeine of your choice-just don’t drink too much

o   Sweet of your choice-give yourself something to look forward to

o   Gum-peppermint has shown to have positive effects on memory performance (chew respectfully)

o   PB & J-classic and easy!


Other things to bring:

o   Blanket

o   Comfy sweatshirt

o   Headphones

o   Chargers

o   Chapstick

o   Lotion

o   Water bottle

o   Tissues

o  Note cards

o   Sticky notes

o   Extra pens/pencils

o   Highlighters

o   Hair tie

o   Ear plugs

o   Stress ball

o   Ibuprofen

o   Printer paper


Things to keep in mind…

You can’t do everything, work hard and don’t give up. After finals comes winter break!


Check out the relaxation station in the library! Brought to you by SWAT! December 15th, 18th, and 19th  from 6pm-9pm each day! There will be lotions with essential oils, coloring, fresh fruit, AND  FREE massages by licensed masseuses, AND you can make your own stress ball.


There will be therapy dogs on first floor of the library the following times and dates:

Dec 16th: 10-11am

Dec 18th: 4-6pm

Dec 19th: 12-1pm

Dec 20th: 10-11am, 2-4pm

Dec 21st: 2-3pm

Dec 22nd: 10-11:30am


Happy finals week Blugolds and good luck!



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