Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Blugolds!

We hope that you had a great winter break and are excited to have you back and ready to dive into Spring Semester! Below are just a few tips and reminders to have a successful semester!


Set goals!thz3q8sj2o

*Correction- set S.M.A.R.T goals.

These are goals that are Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time

Write down at least 3 goals for this semester. Remembering to follow the SMART goal guidelines. How will you measure if you achieved the goal? When would you like to accomplish it by? Is it realistic in the time allotted?

For example:    1. My goal is to raise my GPA to >3.5 for the end of the semester.

Specific- I decided on an exact number to strive for and when I wanted to have it done by.

 Measureable- This is measureable because you can see the calculated GPA at the end of the term.

 Attainable- I can easily attain this by studying more for my classes and doing all that the class requires.

Realistic- My current GPA is just a little lower, so raising it a few points is realistic.

Timely-  Yes, this is a timely goal that can be achieved in the time allotted.

It is one of the best feelings is being able to cross something off your list!  Good luck!


Plan Ahead!calendar-clipart-clipart-cliparts-for-you

If you know that you have a paper due on Friday, don’t wait until Thursday night to start it, instead try doing a little bit each day. One trick that I have used is to set a goal of writing a page a day, once you get started, it is easier to keep the momentum! Don’t forget to use the Center for Writing Excellence to help you get started or to have them proofread!  http://www.uwec.edu/Writing/

Another way to plan ahead is to keep all of your deadlines and activities in a planner or on a calendar. Being able to physically see when things are due is helpful, rather than trying to keep track of them in your head and having the opportunity to confuse dates or just forget all together. You may realize you have multiple things due on the same day and need to plan out when you will start each to avoid having to cram them all in last minute.



494539d677138df19624c3f6d5980b01Keep in touch!

Call a loved one or an old friend, spend a little time catching up and destressing from the day. This is also an opportunity to vent, seek advice, or just to hear a familiar voice.  And remember, no matter what obstacles you face, you can conquer them!



Student Success Center

Free, friendly and easy to access.

The new Student Success Center in Centennial Hall is now open! Whether you are challenged by a specific class or skill (such as note taking or reading a textbook), you want to develop better writing skills, or if you are simply looking to turn that strong “B” into an “A,” we are here for you.

We offer the following support services:

  • Academic Skills
  • Center for Writing Excellence
  • Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Math Lab


UW-Eau Claire Counseling Services

is a place on campus where you can find someone to talk to when you’re feeling hopeless, lonely, depressed, confused, upset over a relationship, or just plain stressed.

The primary goal of Counseling Services is to help students develop the personal awareness and skills necessary to overcome problems, and grow and develop in ways that will allow them to maximize their total educational experience at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. This service is devoted in its counseling and consultation roles to aid in the emotional, social, and intellectual development of those we serve.

Specifically, confidential short-term individual, group, and couples counseling are provided to assist students with personal, developmental, or psychological concerns related to their educational progress and personal growth. We also offer counseling support to students experiencing crisis involving traumatic events, and emotional distress. Referrals to outside services are provided when necessary.

To schedule an appointment, call (715) 836-5521 during regular business hours

For more information: http://www.uwec.edu/counsel/


Want more information about anything campus related?

Check out: http://www.uwec.edu/DOS/students.htm


Health Promotion


Schofield 26-  located in the hallway between Schofield and McIntyre Library


The Health Promotion office works as an educational “arm” of Student Health Service. We are located on lower campus in Schofield 26 and work on health advocacy projects in an effort to make UW-Eau Claire’s campus a healthier living place for learning and living.  The door is always open, so stop by and ask any questions on health and wellness topics such as stress management, sexual health, nutrition, alcohol, or just say hi!    Members from S.W.A.T (Student Wellness Advocacy Team) are always around the office to make you feel welcome!

Have a great Spring Semester Blugolds!