5 Reasons why you should stop drinking soda

Five Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda


Soda is one of those unnsodaecessary things that has reared its ugly head into our lives. It’s served in every restaurant, found in every convenience store, I walk into my grandma’s house and one of the first things she’ll ask me is “Do you need a soda or something?”. It’s everywhere, and it’s hard to fight the temptation of a ice cold coke, or whatever your preferred type might be. The average American drinks 45 gallons of soda each year, that’s nearly 500 cans in 365 days, and just under 2 cans per day. It’s hard to fight the craving but there are multiple reasons why you should think twice before grabbing an ice cold can of pop.


 1.     The Health Risks


Drinking soda contributes greatly to America’s obesity.  Studies have shown that drinking two cans of soda per day can increase your risks of obesity by 32.8 percent and 54.5 percent if consuming diet soda. The risk is higher because the sugar substitutes used to make diet sodas have been shown to increase hunger overall throughout the day after consumption.

Consuming even one soda per day will increase your chance of suffering from diabetes by 40 percent claims the American Heart Association. There is also research being done every day about the increased risk of multiple types of cancer in individuals who have drank at least one soda per day for a majority of their life.

Numbers and scary life threatening health issues aside, the more common knowledge is that soda can be very harmful to your teeth and bones, which is true. One can of soda can contain up to three different types of acid, one of the main types being phosphoric acid that has many uses aside from being an ingredient in soda, such as stripping dirt and chemicals from steel in preparation for being painted. If someone handed you a Dixie cup of metal stripping chemical how willing would you be to drink it? Not that drinking soda is that extreme of a scenario, but it’s something to consider. Additionally, the many different types of acid can damage the protective coating or enamel on your teeth and increase the rate of decay. Similarly, it has also been proven to decrease bone mass throughout your body because the acids sucks the calcium out of your bones making them thinner, weaker, and more brittle which can put you at risk for more health problems such as osteoporosis.


2.     It’s not worthwhile caloric intake


The average can of soda is about 250 calories, and within those 250 calories there are little to no vitamins or nutrients, so basically you’re wasting 250 calories of your daily intake on something that really isn’t benefitting your body or energy level in any way. It’s mostly sugar and caffeine which don’t even have a recommended daily intake according to the FDA.


3.     You’ll still feel thirsty


While a cold can of Coke might feel mentally refreshing it’s not really helping your body hydrate. Soda contains caffeine and caffeine is known to be a diuretic, which causes your body to not retain any of the fluids it intakes to hydrate your body causing dehydration which can lead to many other uncomfortable symptoms like head ache and fatigue but will also leave you feeling thirsty and like you need to drink more.


4.     It’s addictive


Caffeine doesn’t make something taste any different so why do they put it in soda? One reason and one reason only, caffeine is addictive. Soda companies use it to get their consumers hooked and dependent upon their product so they keep buying it. Not only does caffeine do things to your body that aren’t great like I mentioned above but it causes you to become dependent upon it which can be unhealthy.


5.     It hurts your wallet


How much our soda drinking habits cost us is not something we really think about or want to think about for that matter. However, looking at the cost for some people is more eye opening than the health issues that “could” happen, because it’s an effect we can easily see and measure in our own habits.


Let’s do some figuring; say you buy soda from the vending machine at work or school, likely one before lunch and one for the afternoon at $1 each (the average cost of a vending machine soda), that costs you $2 every day, doesn’t seem like a lot but if you add it up its nearly $730 per year on something that has no nutritional value and can be detrimental to your health. How many other things are you comfortable dropping nearly a thousand dollars on? Probably not very many things.


Maybe that’s not selling quitting soda for you, here’s another way to look at it, the average 12 pack of soda costs a little over four dollars and contains 250 calories of little to no nutritional value. A gallon of milk contains 16 servings that’s four more servings than the soda, contains calcium and many other vitamins and minerals in only half the calories at about 110, and costs less at only about three dollars.

Kicking the poor habit could improve your health and your wallet why wouldn’t you at least consider the idea?