Just Bag It! Fashion Show 2018

On Thursday, April 26th the UWEC Bedsider reps participated in an awesome event put on to promote sustainability throughout our campus community. This event was called the Just Bag It Fashion show, and different campus organizations could submit an outfit that they created which is made entirely out of reused and recycled materials. Of course our group is always trying to find creative new ways to promote sexual health on campus, so we thought that we would have our design utilize sexual health materials, such as condoms.

One of the rules of the competition was that every item on a team’s outfit had to be made from reusable, recyclable materials that would otherwise be designated as trash. The UWEC Bedsider reps work in conjunction with the Office of Health Promotion on campus, which provides condoms free of charge to all students (how awesome is this??). Since this office gives out so many free condoms, there have been some extras that have built up over the years. A few months ago we found a huge bag of condoms that had expired in 2012, so instead of just throwing them away, we decided to incorporate the expired condoms into our outfit for the fashion show!

The skirt of our outfit had a base that was a used bag from a recycling bin. We then stapled as many expired condoms as we could fit onto the trash bag, as well as some expired packets of lube. For the top we used a reusable shopping bag that we cut into a halter top. For a fun design, we decided to hot glue soda can tabs into a chevron pattern. We also included some bedside pins around the neck and the bottom of the top! To top it all off, our lovely model Hanna wore a headpiece that was also made out of expired condoms.


This event was such a fun night! It was awesome to see all of the hard work and creativity the other groups put into their outfits. After deliberations from the judges, we learned that our outfit won first place! It was the perfect ending to a great night, and it was really fun to work together to create an outfit that promoted sexual health and sustainability.