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Meet a NEW Swat Member



Emily is from Neenah, WI and is a junior studying Psychology. Emily’s main projects with SWAT are the Student Wellness team and social media. Since she loves to experiment with healthy baking recipes like homemade granola bars, chickpea peanut butter cookies, black bean brownies… Emily likes to snack on those creations, most of which involve peanut butter. Her favorite way to exercise is running and if she were a crayon, she would be mountain meadow. An interesting fact about Emily is that she studied in Valladolid, Spain last spring semester and LOVED it!


What is SWAT? Student Wellness Advocacy Team. We are a group of students with two great supervisors who run programs, events, and advertising to promote and educate students and staff on campus about being healthy and safe.

How did you learn about the job opportunity? I received an email advertising the position while I was abroad and was very excited because I love learning and talking about wellness.

What made you want to be a part of the SWAT Team? I am a psychology major also studying pre-med, so I thought this position would be great experience for working with people and in health care in the future as I learn more about, and practice wellness, as well as gain leadership experience. While psychology addresses a lot of mental health, I also really enjoy running (physical health) and healthy cooking and baking, which are focused more on physical health, so I look forward to learning more, expanding my knowledge of other areas of health, and sharing my passion for wellness. In addition, I love UWEC so I thought this would be a great way to stay involved on campus and participate in making it the great place it is.

What does SWAT do? SWAT educates students and staff on campus about health-related topics, especially those pertinent to college life, whether it be through posters, tables at events and around campus, or programs and events that we run. SWAT also works in the Rest Nest in the library.

What are the hours like? Every week we have two office hours, an hour-long staff meeting, and we also staff the Rest Nest. The rest of our schedule varies week-to-week based on the programs scheduled and which of those we can help with.

What is the work environment like? My fellow team members are very welcoming and our wonderful supervisors are always encouraging, helpful, and open to new ideas. We work in a variety of settings from the office during our office hours, the rest nest, to the res halls or other places around campus. I love seeing what is going on around campus and getting to be involved in the different activities.

What is your favorite part about the SWAT team? My favorite part about SWAT is learning about new wellness ideas and getting to share what I learn with other students. I get to be involved in different areas on campus with a great team and as we share about the many different aspects of health.



Rebekah is a senior from New Berlin, WI studying Psychology with a Family Studies Minor and a certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Rebekah’s main project with SWAT has yet to be determined. Her favorite health snacks are grapes and banana-peanut butter toast. She enjoys exercising by riding her bike, practicing yoga, and swimming. If Rebekah was a crayon, she would be Shamrock, and a fun fact about her is that she used to have a pet deer when she was a kid!

What is SWAT? The Student Wellness Advocacy Team (SWATeam) is comprised of a group of students who are interested in promoting health education and wellness. A few of the ways that this happens is through peer education with courses on alcohol safety, sexual health, stress management, etc. We also staff the Rest Nest on the 5th floor of McIntyre Library for students to come hangout and relax between classes or during finals week.

How did you learn about the job opportunity? Another job that I have on campus is at Counseling Services who work closely with SHS and SWAT. I saw the job posting on Handshake and decided that I would apply to work with other student health educators and further my interest in health psychology.

What made you want to be a part of the SWAT Team? I enjoy working with the resources that we have on campus because I know how difficult it can be to come to college as a freshman or transfer student. There are opportunities for health and wellness that many students are not aware of, so I’d love to help educate them!

What does SWAT do? SWAT facilitates programs for health and wellness education such as Condom Bingo, Sexual Health Jeopardy, and Balanced Life. We also host tabling events to promote the work that we do and services that we offer!

What are the hours like? We have a 1-hour meeting, determined by the students’ and advisors’ schedules, and then we have a 2-hour office hour in Schofield 26, our main office each week. In addition, we also work a 2-hour period in the Rest Nest each week. Each of those times has been flexible and I am able to decide which programs I feel comfortable doing during the week.

What is the work environment like? The work environment of SWAT is extremely inviting. I’m new this semester and so everyone has been very understanding about teaching me the system for presenting courses to classes and how the Rest Nest works!

What is your favorite part about the SWAT team? So far, my favorite part about SWAT is that I’ve made new friends and that I get to reach out to other students on health and wellness education!